August 2019


The last month of winter produced a strong result in housing sales, almost double that of the previous month with 17 recorded housing sales, augmented with a further 3 section sales.

The monthly median for houses increased to $370,000 on an annual moving median figure of $362,354, compared to $278,780 twelve months earlier.

Section sales were steady as you go on a monthly median $158,729 and an annualised figure of $152,000, continuing the general trend of recent months.

(Source REINZ Statistics)



Number of sales in the last 3 months (Houses)
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Monthly Median - Houses August 2019


Annual moving median - Houses, August 2019

Where do our buyers come from?

  • Local40%
  • Taupo20%
  • Auckland10%
  • Waikato5%
  • Hawkes Bay5%