There are many things to consider when moving and a few boxes to tick prior to settlement day. We have created this resource for you, outlining everything you need to do to be prepared, as well as some handy checklists to ensure your moving day is stress-free.

Here’s what you need to do to get your ducks in a row:

Check your chattels

Chattels are the number one cause of delays at settlement. Make sure every chattel outlined in your agreement is in good working order. Here are some things to remember:

- Make sure anything you’re leaving behind is in good working order and cleaned before handover. For example, if the oven is included in the chattels, make sure to clean this thoroughly before you lock up for the last time and that all hob rings and elements work. If anything does not work, this will have to be included in the vendor consent form.

- Leave any relevant paperwork, manuals or remotes for any appliances, such as heat pumps, washing machines or dishwashers.

- Are you leaving any soft furnishings, such as curtains, cushions, sofas, carpets, rugs? Make sure these are clean and ready for the new owners. You can always take large items, like curtains or cushions, to a dry cleaners. Or, for carpets and rugs, you could either hire someone to professionally clean them or hire a Rug Doctor from your local supermarket or hardware store and do them yourself.

- Are you taking any garden items or plants with you? Make sure you have clearly stated to your agent what you’re leaving and what you’re taking. They can then omit this from your list of chattels, if necessary.

Pre-Settlement Inspection

This is the buyer’s final inspection of the property, so they can ensure everything is in order and all items on the list of chattels are working as they should.
-Take a look around your new home to make sure everything is looking good for your move. Making sure everything is clean, tidy and in working order is paramount for this inspection.

- The pre-settlement inspection usually happens about a week or so before settlement and your agent will be in touch with you to arrange a suitable date and time.

- You can bring whomever you want with you on this pre-settlement inspection - a family member or a trusted friend for moral support.

Move your services

This is a big one. If you haven’t started already, you will need to arrange to get all of your current services disconnected and, if appropriate, have them reconnected at your new address starting on your settlement day. This could include:
- Power - gas and/or electric

- Broadband

- Phone

- TV license an/or paid TV subscription services, such as SkyTV

- Home and contents insurance - have this move over to your new address on your day of settlement so that you are covered from the very first day you move in.

In addition to this, don’t forget about updating your contact details with all of your other service providers, businesses and individuals. Some of these might include:
- Your bank

- Service providers such as: your doctor, dentist, pharmacy, orthodontist, beauty salon, clinic, or physio

- Online stores, such as Amazon, ASOS or Hello Fresh

- Friends, family or anyone that could send you post or parcels - you don’t want a nice birthday present to end up at your old address

- Business clients - if you work from home or have a business set up to your home address, don’t forget to notify people that you have moved so that they can find you

- Your old school or university alumni database

- You can set up a mail redirect with NZ Post - find out more by clicking here.

Handy tip:

Why not start packing away your least-used rooms and items first.

Not going to use your linen cupboard or study before you leave? Don’t see yourself baking in the next two weeks? Pack all of this stuff away now to save yourself a bigger job later on.


Have you been thinking about creating a checklist, but don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you covered - click the link below to download our handy checklist:

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It is really important to note that this final stage of settlement is managed between the solicitors of both parties involved. We (at Bayleys) have no control over this process, or the time at which a property will settle on the day.

Pre-Settlement Inspection Confirmed

Prior to the settlement date, the buyer will have notified their solicitor that their pre-settlement inspection has been completed and that they are happy to proceed with the settlement.

- As the vendor, you must ensure that all of the necessary changes are made post-settlement, if any were highlighted.

- As the buyer, the pre-settlement inspection is there to ensure that any necessary work that needed to be done to improve the condition of the home has been done. You will have checked if the chattels are in working order and if the home is clean and tidy.

- Once the buyer is satisfied and their solicitor has been notified, they can proceed to settlement.

Property Ownership Transferred

On settlement day, the ownership of the property will be transferred to the new owner. This process is managed solely by the solicitors of both parties.

- At this stage we, as the real estate agency, take a back seat and are only on hand for support. This part of the process is managed by the solicitors and all depends on the transfer of funds from the purchaser to the vendor, or the vendor’s solicitor.

- Only when the solicitors of both parties are in agreement that everything is in order, and funds have been transferred successfully, will you get the settlement notice and will then be able to pick up the keys to your new home.

Funds Transferred

All remaining funds are transferred from the purchaser into the vendors solicitor’s / vendor’s account.

- With everything else going on at the moment - packing, organising your move and your family - the large amount of money that is just about to exit your account may take you by surprise. It is paramount that you have the necessary, sufficient funds in the account that you intend to pay for the house with.

- It’s all getting very real now - this is the big moment when the remainder of the funds are transferred into the vendors solicitor’s or vendor’s account. You’re one step closer to claiming your new keys.

Formal Notification Received

Once all of the steps above have been completed, Bayleys will be notified by the vendor’s solicitor that the property has settled. We are unable to legally release the keys for the property until we, at Bayleys, have received this formal notification.

- As previously mentioned, we, at Bayleys, have no control over this process. This all depends on the solicitors, namely the vendor’s solicitor, who will let us know when everything is ready and when we can release the keys.

- As soon as you have the keys you can fire up your engines and get moving!

Please note:

When it comes to cleaning and tidying your home and moving into your new home, everyone has different standards of clean and tidy. This means that you will either get a nice surprise at your new home, or will be disappointed. As per the sale and purchase agreement it states that a home must be left in a “reasonably clean and tidy condition” and, of course, this standard is different from person to person. Please leave your home in a state that you would wish to find it in - cleaned throughout.


How would you like another checklist to help you through this final week? Save your time for the important stuff and let us provide you with a ready-to-check checklist. Click the link below: