Level 2 restrictions mean a bit more “normality”, whilst still carrying out physical distancing and wearing masks.

So how do we do business under this level? See below for the breakdown.

Can we conduct property viewings?

Yes! We can carry out viewings with vendor (and tenant, where applicable) consent and with the necessary physical distancing and safety measures (wearing masks, sanitising and recording all visits by way of forms and QR codes).

Unfortunately for those still in Auckland, meetings, viewings, etc. will still have to be carried out virtually - over Zoom or Facetime - until the Alert Level drops for their region and travel between regions is allowed.
Can we conduct open homes?

Yes we can. These can only be carried out with consent from vendor and tenant, where applicable, and each visitor must record the visit.
Will we be in the office?

Yes - we’ll be back in the office from Wednesday 8 September 2021, following the distancing guidelines and wearing masks in our reception. We can hold client meetings in the office and can accept walk-in enquiries.
Will we be distributing any print marketing?

Yes, we will be able to distribute print marketing materials again.
Can we put up and take down signs?

Yes, we can do this too!
We can meet in person

Business such as viewings, builder’s reports, pre settlement inspections, and meetings can take place under this alert level, so long as the necessary Covid guidelines are met - listed to the right.
We’ll be taking all necessary hygiene measures

Masks, gloves, hand sanitiser, QR codes, social distancing - we’ll do the lot to ensure the safety of our clients, colleagues and any other contacts. Just as we did last year, we will be registering and printing QR codes for any property that we visit to track our movement.

If you want to see how businesses in general are operating during Level 2, take a look on the official business.govt.nz page by clicking the button below